Farewell home ;(

This is it. One of the last time I would be writing on this blog site. The end is near my friends and the journey was very delightful. I gained a better insight of ICS by seeing what grace is really is. In other words, I did many terrible things in my last year here. I would like to give a special thanks to my principle, Mr. Luc and Mr. Stephen for giving me grace for the things I did wrong. I really feel that ICS is home and I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t give me grace. Thanks to these two teachers, I became a man with my own words. I grown so much this year and I am really thankful that they gave me grace. I don’t know how they view me now because of the stupid mistakes I made but I am still thankful that they came into my life and shown me a path that is right for my life.

The thing that I would remember the most before I leave my home is the fun things we as a class did together. Senior trip, Carnival, and many more that we did together was a memory that I will keep forever. This community made me a man who I am today. I will really miss all of the teachers and friends I made a bond with. To one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Mark, thanks for making World Lit class fun. I really enjoyed coming to your class every day. Its the atmosphere that you gave to the students that make me smile every day when things are down. I will miss you and I hope the best for you <3. To my friends in class, I really enjoy every one of you guys. I don’t talk much to everyone but I will miss all of you guys. I really can’t imagine waking up and knowing that I won’t see you guys again ;(. I hope we will meet up one day and make more memories because I don’t think it’ll end like this.

(I am crying while I wrote this blog because i turned on sad music in the background so I can really get the emotions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnCDBel2JV0)

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