Farewell home ;(

This is it. One of the last time I would be writing on this blog site. The end is near my friends and the journey was very delightful. I gained a better insight of ICS by seeing what grace is really is. In other words, I did many terrible things in my last year here. I would like to give a special thanks to my principle, Mr. Luc and Mr. Stephen for giving me grace for the things I did wrong. I really feel that ICS is home and I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t give me grace. Thanks to these two teachers, I became a man with my own words. I grown so much this year and I am really thankful that they gave me grace. I don’t know how they view me now because of the stupid mistakes I made but I am still thankful that they came into my life and shown me a path that is right for my life.

The thing that I would remember the most before I leave my home is the fun things we as a class did together. Senior trip, Carnival, and many more that we did together was a memory that I will keep forever. This community made me a man who I am today. I will really miss all of the teachers and friends I made a bond with. To one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Mark, thanks for making World Lit class fun. I really enjoyed coming to your class every day. Its the atmosphere that you gave to the students that make me smile every day when things are down. I will miss you and I hope the best for you <3. To my friends in class, I really enjoy every one of you guys. I don’t talk much to everyone but I will miss all of you guys. I really can’t imagine waking up and knowing that I won’t see you guys again ;(. I hope we will meet up one day and make more memories because I don’t think it’ll end like this.

(I am crying while I wrote this blog because i turned on sad music in the background so I can really get the emotions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnCDBel2JV0)

Damage and Redemption

Through out Alan Paton’s novel, we saw a powerful source of healing. And that source we saw is forgiveness and redemption. We could see this through one of the characters of the novel which is Stephen. Stephen was put into a situation with many problems like his son and his brothers that was full of greed. But later on, he solves his obstacles through redemption and forgiveness. Before forgiveness came into the play, James and Stephen couldn’t get along. But later on, forgiveness and redemption came causing them to put their difference aside and making them to understand each other better. I think Paton’s ideas of healing the damage world is persistent because forgiveness can be the key to solving any damage in this world.


We can see othering in every where in the world. As stated in the article, othering is is how we differentiate into social categories and those social categories shape our ideas about who we think we are, how we want to be seen by others, and the groups to which we belong. This is something that humans do naturally because of our instincts. Just like in the Cry, The Beloved Country, society is all based upon othering. The white Africans put themselves higher than the black Africans. They see the black Africans nothing more than lower class citizens.

My 17 years on Earth, I also experience a lot of “othering”. In ICS I see that most Thai students are more arrogant because they feel like ICS is a Thai school. I see that some Thai students would put other races below them as if they rule the school. Due to the wealth and the majority, Thai students think that they run the school because we are in Thailand and they are rich. As I observe some of my friends, I feel that they tend to think that they are the most important in the diversity group because they are just Thai. These students would run their mouth around and talk behind their back because how these “farangs” are so poor and not highly educated as them. From my own perspective I feel like I didn’t do anything like this because I have a lot of best friend that aren’t Thai. But learning at ICS for my whole life I have saw many incidents from my peers and upper clansmen.

Action Is Needed

To serve in a lower class place is a hard thing. Think about putting yourself in hardship to improve others. This is a good thing and more people should do more. There is suffering low-class citizens aren’t caught up with the upper class. Che’s passion towards others inspire me to do put myself into hardship to help low-class citizens. In most of my life, I think I’m been spending my life with no problems and it’s easy-going. I didn’t need money or do chores for my family but others are in need of help. During the past 3 years I did community service for others who needed help. But community service and Che’s challenge is very different in my opinion. Yes, both is putting yourself in a situation that make you help others who needed help. But community service are forced to do and I think it’s not really a passion. But Che’s challenge is straight from the heart and you need full passion to make it happen. This challenge is important because people are born differently with unequal luck. Some are born into a rich family and doesn’t need to experience hardship in their life but some are born into a poor family who experience it everyday. People in the upper class should look others down there because it can benefit the world with it. Countries could develop even more and world hunger could even end. There are still undeveloped communities who isn’t caught up with the rest of the world, so it is important that people should consider helping others out for the sake of their life. Things might that prohibit me from doing this challenge is my passion. I am willingly to help others but I don’t think that I have the feelings to do it. I can help others but I don’t think it can help fully 100 percent because I don’t have all the passion like Che.

Responsible Tourist

Traveling is an important thing in our lives because it can benefit you in many ways. People learn new things like culture and tradition if they travel. Learning new cultures and tradition can help us be more formative and responsible in a way. If we know different cultures a tradition we wouldn’t be rude when they are present in our lives. Because of human nature, people question other’s morals and ways of thinking because it’s different from one selves. And if we know ahead of time, we wouldn’t be question people’s identity and it wouldn’t be rude. Being a responsible tourist means that you are visiting somewhere and making a positive impact on the environment there. This is the best way to travel somewhere-being a responsible tourist. Being this means that we, the tourist, need to respect cultures and the diversity around us. Every country have different ways of thinking and we the tourist need to respect their own decision of having that kind of thinking. To be the opposite of responsible tourist is like missionaries. Missionaries,but not all, tries to be the savior of indigenous groups of people. They are forcing people to act certain ways and let them forget their past identity to be the “right thing”. In my opinion, I think that this is very wrong because each culture and tradition should be treated with respect and no culture is more advanced or right. So others shouldn’t becoming to preach about their own culture and influence people with different ways of thinking. This cause some countries to lose their way of thinking and developed the “right way”. This is ultimately cause these kind of groups of people to suffer. Just like the Eskimos, western style of eating caused them to developed health issues because it’s very different and westerners come in and exploit their lands for their own goods. And now, Eskimos are having a rough time to follow the modernized world and being unemployed in the new world.

In my 17 years on Earth, I never thought that I was an irresponsible tourist. All of the countries I visited was always in Asia and those countries are somewhat similar to Thailand. I felt that I treated people with all my respect and mostly follow their way of thinking.

It’s me Bangkok

Do smell that? Yea it’s polluted air. Yea I’m Bangkok and air quality isn’t bad. But yet people come to me because of my beautiful malls and spicy food. You might be wondering why me, Bangkok? Why am I so beautiful and populated by Thais and tourist that is mostly Chinese people. Well, people here ride elephants to work and schools-JUST KIDDING! But seriously, you’ll admire me.

I got a cool rich heritage side and some Chinese heritage side. People can be transported easily everywhere by me useful BTS train station. And at the center stations of the tracks, you can find some malls. Not only regular malls but malls with anything you can think of. I can’t even count with my fingers how many malls I have. In my malls, you can explore many different kind of brand stores and many diverse eating places. You can also waste time with my bowling area, ice skating area, movie theaters big as 2 NBA basketball court and laser tag. Yea you are gonna waste a lot of money here at my malls. Not only you waste your money to me, you can also spend good quality time with your family and friends.

The other side is my Chinese heritage. If you didn’t know I’m half Chinese. There is a certain area called China town that I own. Most Chinese people are located here and it’s kinda crowded and noisy. Everyday you can here the sounds of crackling fire works that I make and smokes of lighted candles from my temples. But that’s not it. There is one particular reason why a lot of tourist come here. And it’s because of my food. Yes think of all the authentic Chinese food you can think about. Once you see the steaming white dumplings or a crispy tender friend duck skin, your mouth will water. I don’t know how this place got so big, it might be the fact that my grandmother, Hong Kong, sent in many Chinese people to me since I was born.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

As we see in the novel No way out, good people like the family has been constantly getting bad fortune every since they moved to Bangkok. In Buddhism, everyone will experience karma in some point of their lives. Suffering occurs because of desire. In this scenario, Boonma’s desires to get a good life and move to Bangkok heavily impact his family in a negative way. While they are not bad people, they still experience pain and suffering. We could see evidence of them being good people and getting an negative outcome when the grandfather tried to spend his money to get sweets for his grandchildren but he eventually gets robbed and stabbed. There are more numerous evidence but at the end the family receive the worst case scenario. Buddhism explain that reincarnation is a thing that everyone experience before. In some past lives, people did bad things and their karma can translate to their next life. So this phenomenon can explain why Boonman’s family experience such a hard time. Simply because at any of his past life did a devastating decision that affect his present life. This cause his grandfather and Dam to die while leaving him alive to experience more suffer even though he tried to commit suicide.

WW2 Poem


At the aerial borders, the race flee like birds

and speed through the woods in flowery confusions!

searching for heaven where kites of death

tumble from the hands of boys on holidays

Through forests, where a Puck might suddenly leap

to imitate a man or a boy’s love illusion

come these troops of nowhere going there

with half of each walking in the shadows.

To ferry sensual rivers and meet conclusions

coming a thousand ways hot summer morning

and cross bright frontiers with the eyes of doubt

in a spatial lense that bars all men from men


Through out the poem, the author tries to let the reader imagine about how refugees were like during World War 2. For example, the author compares refugees running away like birds fleeing from one place to another. This let me easily interpret how refugees were like during that time. They were fleeing away ,fast, like birds, to other countries.

The theme of this poem is obviously about refugees. During World War 2, there were about 7-11 million refugees. There were more the one race that fled their own country because of the war. This poem communicate how refugees acted during that time.

Personally, I think that this poem is hard to read. Due to some words that I don’t easily recognize, I had a hard time understanding the context of the poem. But when I searched for the definition of the word, the poem seemed had really good imagery. The poem communicates to us about refugees and I could easily imagine how they acted at that time because of the strong imagery of the poem.


Is Nationalism good or bad?

To me, Nationalism is something so and so. It’s good but yet it can be use in a wrong way. It’s good to support your own nation and promote it’s way. But things can still go wrong. For example, like how the Nazi’s nationalism went wrong. They wanted to abolished all Jews because they aren’t German. This thinking lead to the Holocaust where many millions Jews die. This is an example on how Nationalism can sometime go wrong and it’s harming others. Nations just scapegoat other race because they aren’t the majority. But Nationalism isn’t always bad. It depends on how nations think about it.

Modern or Progressive

Values could be modern or progressive. But to me, I think progressive values are better than modern values. Modern values has a tendency to be old and out of date. That’s the reason why progressive values exist. Progressive values is constantly getting new ideas and changing because sometimes modern values aren’t right. Sometimes modern values doesn’t apply to the world’s standards. Like the universal law of the world that every people should know. So that’s the reason why progressive values are better because it’s make sense to change something that doesn’t work so it can fit the universal morals.

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